As well as covering all the major Christian festivals, Cornerstone has a range of lessons and assemblies that are applicable all year round. The majority of the assemblies are based on stories from the Bible but they all have a general message that can be embraced by people of all faiths and none.

We have a number of pre-prepared lessons for secondary schools covering topics such as, ‘Is there a God?’ ‘Christianity: boring, untrue, irrelevant?’ ‘Who was Jesus?’, ‘What do Christians believe about the death of Jesus?’, ’What do Christians believe about faith and guidance?’, ‘What do Christians believe about temptation?’, ’ What do Christians believe about suffering?’, ‘What do Christians believe about sharing their faith?’, ‘What do Christians believe about Prayer, the Bible and about Church?’ ‘Being a Christian, the work of the Holy Spirit and how they live.’ Along with several lessons on the person of Jesus from His Birth to Resurrection. These lessons have been created to meet key learning objectives found in the non-statutory Programme of Study for Religious education at key stage 3 in England.
We offer teaching for Year 13 A2 Level lessons such as Christian Sexual Ethics and Biblical concepts of miracle and God’s activity in the world.

We also conduct a talk and question & answer session within secondary schools in contributing to a National Curriculum R.E. Day, and our lessons sometimes cross over in to PHSE covering subjects like ‘conflict’ and ‘self-esteem’.

Funded almost exclusively by local church and individuals Cornerstone is able to offer it’s service to the schools free of charge.

Please contact us and let us know how we may be of help.